When it comes to integration, we believe that getting the products and services you want set up should fit within your schedule in a way that is not difficult or time-consuming.  Thankfully, many of our products are available for self-integration, meaning that time commitments aren't always necessary for a complete set-up.


However, if you have the time and want to make sure that all steps are taken to connect your new items with each other and even existing items, one of our authorized technicians can help take care of the process and educate you on how the new system works.


  • No schedule commitments: Have your items shipped to you so that you can integrate them on your own time.  No need to worry about having to take a day off of work or finding ways around schedule conflicts.

  • Wireless systems: Thanks to how Siren items are created, you don't need to worry about fishing cables behind home walls, and syncing applicable items with one another is quick and hassle-free.

Professional Ingration

  • Tech Experts: Our knowledgeable technicians help insure that your system is set up exactly to your specifications, and can inform you of other connections you can make with existing items in your home.

  • Home Visits on Record: Having a technician go out ensures that everything is documented, making it easier to troubleshoot and for technicians to connect new items to an existing Siren system.

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